Activity Fields:
  • Automotive
  • Oil and Gas
  • Plant

General Activity Fields:

  1. Maintenance (Net)
  2. Project Management
  3. Implement project management systems
  4. Project Planning and Control
  5. Corporate Planning
  6. Construction, manufacturing and installation of industrial parts (metal and plastic)
  7. Insulation
  8. Procurement (purchase of foreign and domestic)
  9. Structural Concrete Formwork
  10. Academic and practical training

 Goals and Objectives:

  • Continuous efforts to achieve national energy projects, industry and building partnerships with the guidelines and objectives.
  • Identify and establish national and international projects aimed at contributing to the successful implementation of projects.
  • Commitment to maintaining the health, safety, environment and quality in all stages and work areas.

Automotive Field Activities:

  1. Tank construction and installation of PT and ED, tunnel washing, ED, Piping (galvanized steel), the relevant utility including pumps, pneumatic and manual valves, converters, and a page ... .
  2. Construction, installation and paint ovens and related equipment including heat exchanger, Incinerator, oxidizer, fans and flares.
  3. Bvthay including structure fabrication and installation of paint, panels, tanks, grating, filter frames, Agzast fan, piping.
  4. Construction and installation of all the Working Area, construction and installation of structure types, Ladder, Deck, Damper and ... .
  5. Installation and Piping lines to test paint PMR.
  6. Various industrial paint shop equipment (air, Hytryvnyt etc.).
  7. Procurement, construction and installation of the Fire Fighting Piping System.
  8. Run hot and cold water lines and power ventilators.
  9. Making body for the various oxides of various colors in the room.
  10. Design, manufacture and installation of electrical panels.
  11. Design, manufacture and installation of control panels and automation (PLC).
  12. All of the cable trays, work, work Kandvyd electric projects.
  13. Construction and installation of ground and air conveyer rails.
  14. Construction and installation of equipment such as conveyer rail switches, structure, and anti-Beck ... .
  15. Construction and installation of the pipe (industrial and multi-purpose).
  16. Build pallets (pallet type).
  17. Installation of sandwich panels and metal coating.
  18. Preparation and implementation of structural concrete format.
  19. Industrial production and packing operations Kfrazh and coarser concrete (by volume).
  20. Construction and installation of steel and galvanized air ducts, furnaces, etc. Agzast .
  21. All are Duct insulation, piping, etc. .
  22. Sandblast and paint industries.
  23. Sandblasted and painted industrial projects.
  24. Furnace coloring (liquid, oven, electrostatic powder).
  25. Epoxy floor coating.
  26. Rabrlaynyng run (Rubber Lining).
  27. Pvlyshkary tanks and steel sheets.

Oil and Gas Field Activities:

  1. Basic and Premitive Services
  2. Engineering Services
  3. Procurement Services
  4. Construction Division Services
  5. Funding and Budget Services